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Auto Changeover  
Vacuum Auto Changeover

Vacuum Auto Changeover Module is provided to have continuous gas flow without interruption. Two Vacuum Regulator are mounted on two cylinders or Tonners. The outlet pipes from the Vacuum Regulator are connected to either side of the Auto Changeover Module. The outlet from the Auto Changeover Module is connected to Injector through a Rotameter and Flow Control Valve assembly. When the Injector is switched on chlorine from one of the tonners flows through the Auto Changeover Module. Once the operating tonners become empty than Vacuum is developed inside the Auto Changeover Module and activates the toggle switch assembly which switches over to the other filled tonner.

Electrical Auto Changeover

Whenever continuous uninterrupted Chlorine supply is require then Auto Change Over System is used. When one Manifold or Tonner gets empty this system helps in switching over from an empty ton container to a full ton container without interruption. ‘Chlorine Pressure Line Auto Changeover System’ consists of Pressure Sensors, Motorized Valve, and Control Panel etc. There are two Manifold each connected to one or a battery of filled tonners. When the system is started, one manifold will allow the gas to flow out. As soon as the working manifold gets empty the pressure switch provided on the gas line will sense ‘the no chlorine’ condition and it will make the motorized valve to open the standby manifold. If both Manifold are empty then the Control Panel will give an ‘audio visual alarm’. The Valves on the Manifold can also be opened manually, by passing the Auto mode.