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Chlorine Accessories  
Auxiliary Container Valve

This is an additional valve assembly to be mounted on the existing container valve. This assembly is mounted with the help of a yoke. The auxiliary container valve eliminates the possibility of leakage from the damaged container valve & the chance of gas or liquid chlorine back flowing during changing of the container. The yoke is very sturdy in construction and offers positive fixing of the auxiliary container valve or flexible copper connector with the chlorine container.

Flexible Copper Connector

The flexible copper connector is used with Cylinder, Tonner, Header and Chlorinator to form the required connection. This connector comes with a standard length of 1.5 Mtrs. with end fittings suitable for ton container valve. The silver brazing of end connectors offer a long corrosion Free service.

Chlorine Gas Filter

A filter is always mounted on the gas phase of the Chlorination system to eliminate the carry over of Ferric Chloride and other impurities. The filter has a glass wool insert, which has to be changed periodically. The filter is constructed out of seamless carbon steel.

Pressure Reducing Valve

The container pressure of chlorine varies between 8 to 10 kg/cm2, which is very high to either meter or doze accurately. Hence a pressure-reducing valve is used in the system. This valve is capable of reducing the pressure of chlorine to manageable limit of approximately 2 kg/cm2. The pressure-regulating valve is spring loaded with PTFE diaphragm. This valve prevents the reliquification in the system.