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Chlorine Vaporizer  

Vaporizers are recommended for higher continuous chlorine gas feed rates, when it is not practical to manifold the gas lines of the require number of containers. By withdrawing the chlorine as a liquid and using vaporizer, flow rates can be greatly increased.

Electrically Heated Vaporizer

Liquid chlorine from the tonner is transferred to the inner chamber of the vaporizer due to tonner pressure. This chamber is immersed in a water bath, which is heated by 3 Nos. heaters. The water to the water bath is supplied via pipe which is controlled by an on-line solenoid Valve, which opens once the water level falls below the preset level and closes once the water reaches the higher preset level. The temperature of the water is controlled by a thermostat, which switches on or off depending on the temperature reached, by the water bath. Cathodic protection is provided where, DC current is passed through sacrificing carbon anodes to protect, the Heat Exchanger and Hot water tank surface exposed to water from Galvanic Corrosion.

Steam Heated Vaporizer

Chlorine Vaporizer can also be powered by steam. Steam is abundantly available in Paper & Pulp Mills, where steam is used to evaporate liquid Chlorine to form gas Chlorine. A temperature controller opens or closes a steam valve, thus maintaining a constant temperature in the steam chamber.