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Products at a Glance  
a) Cylinder Mounted Chlorinator
  Capacity : 250 gms/hr to 10 Kg/hr.
b) Wall Mounted Chlorinator
  Capacity : 250 gms/hr to 10 Kg/hr
c) Floor mounted Chlorinator
  Capacity : 250 gms/hr to 200 Kg/hr
Chlorine Vaporizer/Evaporator
a) Electrically heated Vaporizer
  Capacity up to 300 Kg/hr
b) Steam heated Vaporizer
  Capacity up to 1000 Kg/hr
a) Vacuum Auto changeover Module
b) Electrical Auto changeover Module for both Vacuum & Pressure Systems
c) Auxiliary Container Valve
d) Flexible Copper Connector
e) Manifold Valve
f) Cylinder Manifold or Tonner Manifold
g) Trunnion Roller Support
h) Chlorine Gas Filter
i) Chlorine Pressure Reducing Valve
j) Automatic Flow Proportionate Valve
k) Chlorine Pressure Gauge/Chlorine Vacuum Gauge
l) Chlorine Pressure Switch/Chlorine Vacuum Switch
m) Weighing System
n) Lifting Beam
o) Booster Pump with Motor as per System Requirement
Safety System
a) Chlorine Leak Detector with Single Sensor
b) Chlorine Leak Detector with Double Sensor
c) Ammonia Leak Detector
d) Emergency Repair Kit
  Type A - for 65/100 Kgs Cylinders
e) Emergency Repair Kit
  Type B - for 950Kgs Ton Containers
Emergency Leak Absorption system/Chlorine Scrubber
a) Types - Positive Pressure or Negative Pressurer
b) Evacuation - Room or Tunnel
c) Capacity - 50 Kg/hr to 2000 Kg/hr