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Safety System  

Chlorine Leak Absorption System

This system is essential wherever chlorine is handled and used in large quantities. The chlorine leak absorption system is highly useful when chlorine leaks from the tonner valves due to total break down of chlorine valve or any puncture on the wall of the tonner.
The system designed and supplied by us consist of gas chamber, blower, absorption tower, alkali tank and recirculating pump with all the required ducting piping and fittings. The system is designed to absorb a total leakage of 1,000 Kgs or more of chlorine leak.
The system can be offered with complete room evacuation or spot evacuation in and around the tonner area.

Single Sensor Leak Detector
Double Sensor Leak Detector
Chlorine Leak Detector

The Chlorine gas detection system consists of a control unit and a sensor. The Sensor mounted remotely senses the gas present in the room, which is indicated on the panel. Apart from the audio visual alarm present in the panel, there is a potential free contact which can be used to trigger a remote alarm or actuate the exhaust fan.

Emergency Repair Kit

The most common emergency arises through leakage from the Chlorine Container, hence all chlorine consumers should have an emergency kit handy and in proper working condition. The kit designed by us has devices to stop leakage at the valve, fusible or inspection plug and from the wall of the chlorine container. The kit also contains a canister type gas mask, the necessary tools and tackles, gaskets, etc. A step by step instruction booklet is provided with the kit.