8 Ways to Use Rose Essential Oil for Skin (2024)

Did you know that it takes 1,000 rose petals to get a single drop of essential oil? So it’s no surprise that this oil is highly valued (and often quite expensive). It’s time to think beyond the traditional bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day and ask for a little bottle of rose essential oil instead! No doubt, after you inhale the enchanting aroma of rose essential oil, you’ll never go back to synthetic rose fragrances again!

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You can get rose essential oil in a couple of different formulations. Rose absolute, which is extracted using a solvent, and rose otto, which is steam distilled. Both of these rose extractions are quite a bit more expensive than most other essential oils (rose petals aren’t cheap!), so you’ll often find rose otto prediluted in a carrier oil.

This is a great option for those of us on a tighter budget. The aroma is heavenly any way you get it, and the essential oil has so many incredible uses for wellness and skincare.

Rose Oil Mind + Body Benefits

8 Ways to Use Rose Essential Oil for Skin (2)


Traditional uses of rose essential oil include using it to help hydrate and reinforce the skin barrier. Some animal studies have been done to support this use for rose oil [source], but human studies are still lacking on this point.

However, there is no doubt that rose contains a number of beneficial properties and would make an excellent addition to your moisturizing routine without any potential chemical side effects. Additionally, the oil is believed to be a natural substitute for hyaluronic acid—a common ingredient in anti-aging beauty products.

Boost Love Life

Couples that want to rekindle romance can take advantage of rose oil. Two studies prove the boost in sexual satisfaction and drive following rose oil inhalation.

One study involved women [source], while the other involved men [source]. Both groups experienced depressive disorders and were taking antidepressants.

According to research, rose oil can help stimulate brain dopamine release. This is what might reduce depression symptoms while boosting sexual desire.


Rose oil has a long history of use as an astringent and anti-inflammatory oil. It’s often used for skin conditions with irritation and redness, including eczema, sun damage, scars, or stretch marks.

To use on irritated skin, dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil—bonus points for using rosehip seed oil!—and rub it directly on the affected areas.


Rose is an incredibly popular essential oil for anti-aging formulations. It’s often found in recipes for mature skin and can easily be utilized in your custom face oil or to make a serum with rosehip oil. Rose oil is a potent antioxidant [source], meaning it scavenges free radicals that contribute to skin damage that leads to the visible signs of aging.

Pain Relief

People who use rose oil aromatherapy can also experience pain relief. Thus, rose oil may be a great treatment for headaches, particularly migraine headaches [source]. Moreover, by using this oil, the “feeling-good hormone” can be released more easily, which can help against surgery-induced pain.

Mood Booster

The scent of rose oil has been prized for centuries. Not only is the aroma completely intoxicating, but it’s also an antidepressant [source] and very relaxing [source]. The sweet floral aroma naturally helps to calm the mind and the body and reduce feelings of stress [source].

Menstrual Pain Relief

According to some research, rose oil can provide relief to women who experience menstrual discomfort [source]. Period cramps can be temporary or they can cause discomfort for the whole duration of the menstrual period.

Although other types of essential oils have proven to be beneficial, rose essential oils had a much better effect. Women who went through rose essential oil aromatherapy during the study didn’t experience as much period pain compared to those who did not undergo this aromatherapy session.

In a different research, several groups were given different types of abdominal oil massages. One group had rose oil and almond oil and another had almond oil alone. Unlike the group that used almond oil, the one that also used rose didn’t experience any cramps following the massage.

8 Ways to Add Rose Oil to Your Beauty Routine

1. In the bath

8 Ways to Use Rose Essential Oil for Skin (3)

Rose essential oil baths are especially lovely and relaxing in those stressful times. Pure rose (absolute) can be pretty expensive, but a little goes a long way, so you don’t need much to take advantage of its soothing properties. Plus, it has therapeutic benefits for many other issues, including painful menstruation [source], high blood pressure, and anxiety [source].

Taking a bath is great for promoting relaxation, but when you up the ante with essential oils, you can increase the benefits even more! Relax in a rose milk bath or add 15 drops of rose absolute and 10 drops of jasmine or ylang ylang when making your fizzy bath bombs.

2. In homemade deodorant

8 Ways to Use Rose Essential Oil for Skin (4)

Some natural deodorants can be pretty irritating to the skin, especially if your skin is sensitive. That’s where this recipe comes in handy!

This DIY deodorant spray is tough on odors but not on your skin. The essential oil mixture of florals with a bit of lavender and orange will make you feel happy and keep you smelling fresh. Plus, the heavenly aroma will make you swoon!

So, if you’re having trouble finding a DIY deodorant recipe that works for you, go ahead and give this Homemade Deodorant Spray a try.

3. In a massage oil

8 Ways to Use Rose Essential Oil for Skin (5)

Massage has many benefits, including improving circulation to help sore muscles [source] and easing tension. And when massage is combined with aromatherapy, a happy synergy happens.

Rose is one of our favorite essential oils for love, so set the mood with a Love Potion Massage Oil. Or, if you’d prefer to use the oil for self-care, show yourself some love with a deep muscle massage! The feet or hands are a great place to start!

4. In a face oil

8 Ways to Use Rose Essential Oil for Skin (6)

You can easily whip up a custom facial oil that’s suited to your skin’s needs with just two ingredients—a carrier oil and an essential oil. And rose is a perfect choice for dry or aging skin.

Just choose the carrier oil that works best for your skin, and combine it with a few drops of rose essential oil. Bonus tip: If you have leftover facial oil on your hands, put the extra on your wrists and behind your ears for a DIY personal fragrance!

5. In an aromatherapy room spray

8 Ways to Use Rose Essential Oil for Skin (7)

Floral essential oils like ylang ylang, rose, and jasmine are my favorites. Ylang ylang, called the “flower of flowers,” has been used medicinally to help with stress and high blood pressure [source].

Just keep in mind that ylang ylang is especially suited for blends because of its overpowering aroma, so combining it with rose and other florals to create a floral room spray is a great idea.

6. In a multipurpose salve

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Soothing and moisturizing in the most gorgeous shade of pale pink, a rose salve can replace most of the products on your vanity. Use it as a lip balm when you have flaky lips, a highlighter for your cheeks and nose, or a blush for that subtle rosy glow.

Not into make-up? You can still use this rose salve as a moisturizer, wound healer, cuticle oil, or frizzy hair tamer.

7. In a foot bath

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If your feet feel tired and tense, you can take a foot bath. By adding rose essential oil to it, you can improve the effects of the soak, which will help you relax and de-stress. Dilute the oil into one of these foot soak recipes and relax for 10-20 minutes.

8. During meditation

8 Ways to Use Rose Essential Oil for Skin (10)

Rose essential oil can have amazing effects on your mind during meditation. If you love to meditate and get in touch with your spirit and mind, rose oil can improve things for you.

Regardless of your meditation method, you can apply one rose essential oil drop on your forehead, then close your eyes and proceed with your practice. The scent can relax your body and help your mind be quiet.


Is rose oil good for the skin?

Rose oil can have amazing effects on your skin, keeping it hydrated and fighting the aging signs. The skin texture will feel smoother. Also, this oil can soothe and offer relief for irritated skin.

Can I use rose essential oil on my face?

Rose oil is safe for your face, so you can apply it without any worries. It's a soothing addition to face oils, face masks and lip scrubs. It can hydrate your skin and prevent flakiness and dryness.

Will this oil clog pores?

Rose oil will not clog your pores as it’s non-comedogenic.

This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Gina Jansheski, a licensed, board-certified physician who has been practicing for more than 20 years. Learn more about Hello Glow's medical reviewers here. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor


8 Ways to Use Rose Essential Oil for Skin (2024)
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