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Rashimah Rajah is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior and Technology at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Having had appointments previously at the National University of Singapore, Koblenz University of Applied Sciences in Germany, Coastal Carolina University in the USA, and Brock University in Canada, Rashimah brings a myriad of international experiences and perspectives in researching organizational behavior.

Rashimah is an Academic Expert with the World Economic Forum, lending her expertise as a panelist, for instance in the New Champions Retreat in Geneva. She has published in Leadership Quarterly, Ivey Business Publishing, and Handbook of Research on Crisis Leadership in Organizations, among others, on leadership and technology. The book “The Biggest Winners are Small” places her passions for research in leadership and technology in the context of SMEs.

Rashimah obtained her PhD in Management and Organization from the prestigious National University of Singapore under the President Graduate’s Fellowship. She regularly contributes to news commentaries and provides interviews on her research topics, with her insights published in the press such as Channel NewsAsia, South China Morning Post, and The Business Times.



Integrating theories from social psychology and organizational behavior lies in the heart of my research philosophy. Examining psychological and human factors in the context of work, I conduct research on job connectedness, a phenomenon highly pertinent in today’s digitalized work environment. Job connectedness refers to the extent to which individuals remain connected to job-related matters through the use of information and communication technology outside of the physical workplace.

Grounded in boundary management theory, I use experience sampling methodology and multilevel modeling to explain why engagement in the same behavior (job connectedness) can have different effects on well-being, both at the inter-individual and intra-individual level. Often working with over 1000 data points, I also use contemporary methods and analyses to account for dependencies in bigger data. I believe that my work is useful as a contribution to the field of organizational behavior and modern communications in the workplace. As boundaries between work and personal domains become more permeable, the psychological effects and antecedents become among the central concerns within organizations.

I also do work on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), examining their unique advantages in increasing their levels of future readiness. I analyze data from hundreds of SMEs around the globe (21 industries, 9 regions) and explore the relationships between leadership, talent, networks, digital infrastructure, and business orientation with the different facets of future readiness. I sit on expert panels discussing future readiness at the World Economic Forum HQ in Geneva, as I collaborate with business partners in the industry to increase outreach and impact of my research.


Other Contributions

Rajah, R. (in press) The Biggest Winners are Small: Understanding Sustainability and Future Readiness of Global Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Singapore: World Scientific Publishing.

AlEidan, M., Amazaga, K. Y., Bettinger, K., Rajah, R., Chowdury, S., Letteriello, N., Sarin, S., & Woeffray, O. (2023). Data Unleashed: Empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for Innovation and Success. World Economic Forum (21 pages).

Rajah, R., & Woeffray, O. (2022). Future Readiness of SMEs and Mid-Sized Companies: A Year On. World Economic Forum (38 pages).

Rajah, R., de Fauconberg, A., & Woeffray, O. (2021). Future Readiness of SMEs: Mobilizing the SME Sector to drive widespread Sustainability and Prosperity. World Economic Forum (43 pages).

Rajah, R., & Lim, V. K. G. (2018). Cyberloafing in the realm of IoPTS: Examining individual neutralization and organizational citizenship behavior. In C. A. Simmers & M. Anandarajan (eds.), The Internet of people, things and services: Workplace transformations (pp. 67-88). New York: Routledge.

Rajah, R., & Ilies, R. (2017). Technology and work-life integration: Introducing the nomological network of job connectedness. In M. las Heras, N. Chinchilla, & M. Grau (eds.), The work- family balance in light of globalization and technology (pp. 8-37). Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Rajah, R., Reifferscheid, G., & Borgmann, L. (2016). Social responsibility education in Germany. Social responsibility across Europe: A quantitative research project (pp. 29-47). Switzerland: Springer.

Rajah, R., & Arvey, R. D. (2013). Helping group members develop resilience. In A. J. Dubrin (ed.), Handbook of research on crisis leadership in organizations (pp. 149-173).
Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Rajah, R.*, Lim, V. K. G.*, & Prasad, S. (2013). Food for thought: The 2008 China milk scandal: Foundation. Ivey Business Publishing. (8 pages) *indicates equal effort

Rajah, R.*, Lim, V. K. G.*, & Prasad, S. (2013). Food for thought: The 2008 China milk scandal: Teaching notes. Ivey Business Publishing. (7 pages) *indicates equal effort

Rajah, R., Song, Z., & Arvey, R. D. (2011). Emotionality and leadership: Taking stock of the past decade of research. Leadership Quarterly, 22, 1107-1119.

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My pedagogic philosophy is one that is focused on the learning journey of the students and myself. I strive to engage the students in class discussions as I refine and update course syllabi and course materials every semester. In delivering practical-oriented content, theory and practice are interlaced through case studies, online learning, simulations, and role-plays, with emphasis on applied knowledge.

Having taught in Singapore, Germany, Canada and the USA prior to the Netherlands, I have learnt to circumnavigate through cultural sensitivities and to adapt to required changes in my teaching methods. In all courses, interaction with students is key for me not only for effective delivery of course content, but also to receive signals on how students are coping with the courses psychologically. I keep students engaged by using multiple media sources, digitalization, self-assessment tools, and by ensuring that reading materials and case studies are interesting, current, and relevant. I also integrate theories on gamification to my classroom settings, using strategies used by game- developers to enhance engagement and motivation levels of students reading my courses.

Student-oriented service is crucial: I strongly believe in going above and beyond expected standards as I always offer availability for consultation and feedback for quizzes as well as group and individual assignments (in both English and German), and provide customized mock quizzes for students having difficulty with the course as part of the consultation package. In course evaluations, students frequently cite my interactive teaching style and approachable nature as parts of the courses they enjoyed. I value each student as an individual and strive to provide customized mentoring to the best of my ability.

Courses Academic Year 2023/2024

Courses in the current academic year are added at the moment they are finalised in the Osiris system. Therefore it is possible that the list is not yet complete for the whole academic year.

  • 201400560 - MSc CL: Project Execution and Coaching
  • 202000576 - Research Proposal Bachelor Thesis IBA
  • 202000579 - Bachelor Thesis IBA
  • 202001307 - Effective Leadership in Organizations

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University of Twente
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University of Twente
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dr. R.B. Rajah (Rashimah) | University of Twente (2024)
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