How To Pass the WELL AP v2 Exam (2024)


How To Pass the WELL AP v2 Exam (1)Now is the perfect time to level up and become a WELL AP. COVID-19 has accelerated the importance of wellness inside of our commercial buildings, and we’ve seen a huge uptick in the number of WELL certified projects and WELL Accredited Professionals™ (WELL AP™) since the beginning of the pandemic. This credential is sure to help your career, and what you learn can even help you be healthier in your day-to-day life. This page contains step-by-step instructions on how (and what) to study to pass your WELL AP exam on the first try!

The WELL AP v2 exam is a 2.5-hour exam, with 115 total questions (15 of which will be unscored).

This blog will discuss how to study for your exam, sign up for the exam, and touch on the difference between testing in person and the remote testing option. We’ll also show you where you can find free resources to help you study for your WELL AP v2 exam.

Signing Up for the WELL v2 Exam

Signing up for the exam is easy. First, go to and create a free account with the IWBI (International WELL Building Institute). The cost of the WELL AP exam right now is $299. Click the “Register Now” button. You will pay and register for your exam, then you will receive a code that you enter into, and you will choose to take the test in person at a testing site or remotely. Prometric has testing centers in almost all major cities; so, you should be able to find one nearby.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Prometric and IWBI developed a secure remote testing option. If you decide to take the test at home or in the office, there are a few things you need to verify before scheduling your exam.

1: You have to take the test in a sealable room, like a bedroom or an office with a door. The security professional will ask to see a 360-degree view of the room you are testing in. They will ask you to show the four corners of the ceiling and the four corners of the floor. If the door to the room opens all during your test, your test is automatically void.

2: You have to have a moveable webcam. The webcam on your laptop is fine. Be prepared to move it all around the room. Aside from the room’s layout, you will also be asked to show the bottom of your desk and chair, the back of the chair, and the top of your desk.

3: Remove any text visible on the walls of the room.

4: Check the Prometric Pro Proctor for the specific computer requirements before scheduling your test.

Studying Tips for the WELL AP v2 Exam

Getting Started
The best place to start is with the WELL Building Standard, Q4 2020 Addendayou can find it here! This study guide + our GBES WELL AP v2 practice test questions are the two most important things you will need!

In order to pass you need to score 85% or better. This is 170 points out of 200.

Tip #1
This may be the most important thing we can tell you. When scheduling your test, choose a time of the day that you are most productive – this is when your brain is at its best. If you are unsure of when that is, it’s usually in the morning.

Tip #2
The WELL v2 rating system is based on a hierarchy from Concept to Feature to Part. Simply put, each Concept has numerous Features, and each Feature might have several Parts. Read the summary statements in both the Concept and features. The summaries provide statistical data citing reasons why this Concept or Feature is essential, best practices, and definitions. Questions stem from the summaries! What % of the global population is inactive? Where is the answer?
In the summary!

Tip #3
WELL v2 features 10 concepts: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Materials, Sound, Mind, and Community. As we mentioned above, there are Features within Concepts and Parts within Features. The parts are where the bulk of your test questions will stem from, and you will have to know every part and its requirements. While the study guide doesn’t have calculations, there will be calculations on the test. They are not difficult as long as you know the requirements. You will also be given scenarios in which the answers will be based on the requirements, but it will be your best interpretation of the requirement.

Tip #4
Don’t skip the introduction section. Several test questions will be generated from the Introduction. The Introduction will give you an overview of the entire rating system, information on how WELL v2 got here over the last 6+ years, and some of the important principles that drive WELL v2. It will teach you about the different Space Types and how Scoring and Certification Levels work. This section is just as important as the concepts!

Tip #5
Do not cram the night before for this exam. Schedule your exam date ahead of time, get through the material, use GBES practice tests to reinforce (and gauge your competency, it’s tough), and you’ll do well. Plan and put the work into studying for this exam.

Tip #6
On the exam, you can “mark” questions to come back to later. Only change your initial gut feel answer if you have a good reason to do so.

Tip #7
Don’t get discouraged if there are tough questions. 15 out of the 115 questions will not be scored!

Tip #8
Do a study session before the exam, the day of, and focus on the features you know you need to work on. Your short-term memory will help you recall some of the more challenging requirements where you have to know minimum and maximum thresholds in various metrics.

Tip #9
During your exam use the strike-through functionality to visually eliminate incorrect answers.

GOOD LUCK! And remember to take lots of practice test questions!

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How To Pass the WELL AP v2 Exam (2024)
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