Released - Pokémon: Kanto Reloaded (Now in Open Beta) (2024)


Game is playable through Rock Tunnel/Route 10
All Gen IX Pokémon have been coded into game
(will require new save file for most to appear in the wild)

Selecting Level Cap mode in Pokémon Centers now tells you what the current level cap is
Changed display of PokéCenter scanners
Adjusted a few spawn locations to eliminate chance of Pokémon spawning in multiple slots
Added rewards from Prof. Oak for filling Pokédex
Reduced cloning wait time to 10 minutes & grooming wait time to 30 minutes
Trading UI now plays music
Finalized Pokémon Movesets & Sprites:
(includes all evolutions, pre-evolutions, and alternate forms unless otherwise noted)
Spearow Mareep Shinx

Blacking out and returning to your house no longer causes player to get stuck in table
Fixed bug causing wild Pokémon's gender/form to be determined by original encounter, not randomized replacement
Fixed bug causing Pokémon with gender-specific forms (Meowstic, etc.) to always use male sprites in trainer battles
Pokédex entries no longer list gender-specific forms as "male male" and "female female"
Fixed oversight causing cloned Pokémon with multiple base forms (regionals, etc.) to not inherit the original's form
Fixed bug causing Applin to be able to evolve directly into Flapple/Appletun, skipping new middle-stage Dipplin
Fixed bug sometimes causing all wild Pokémon to spawn with Hidden Abilities
Fixed game crash when attacking an ice-type Pokémon during Hail

0.3.1 HOTFIX

Location page in Pokédex is now working (mostly)
Fixed bug causing crash during character selection
Removed black spaces visible at edge of Pewter City
Fixed Team Rocket sprites reappearing after cutscene in Mt. Moon
Fixed bug causing game freeze when entering Route 22 pre-Pokédex
Fixed Daisy's sprite not appearing on S.S. Anne
Fixed bug causing game freeze during Prof. Hawthorn's introduction
Quietly removed debug options accidentally left in game (shh)

First official Beta release

NOTE: To continue a save from the Alpha release, DELETE THE ENTIRE Kanto Reloaded folder before extracting

Game is playable up to Pokémon Center on Route 10
Game now runs at 60 fps
Added support for multiple save files
- Current limit is 3; may be changed in future
Added Transfer Station inside Pokémon League Gate on Route 22
- Will allow you to transfer Pokémon between save files
Many evolution methods overhauled (see full changelog file for boring details)
Completed move functionality overhaul (see full changelog file for even more boring details)
Pokémon cloning (breeding replacement) now available in Lab on Route 5
- Very few Pokémon have egg moves programmed yet
Added option to increase game speed

All main maps now have at least one hidden item on them
All music tracks updated to remastered music
Added all Hisuian forms and evolutions of pre-Gen 9 Pokémon
Added Gen 9 starters plus Rellor/Rabsca and Tinkatink/Tinkatuff/Tinkaton to game
Added Ethan & Lyra from HGSS as character choices
- Lyra's outfit has been recolored
Added option inside Pokémon Centers to switch gameplay modes
Riding a bicycle no longer completely prevents wild encounters
- Reduces encounter rate by 60% instead
The Pokémon encountered when using Honey will scale based on your party's average level
- Additionally, they are drawn from a separate encounter table, with a higher chance for rares
- These Pokémon also have a better chance to be shiny, have their hidden ability, or have one perfect IV
Altered Route 4 to be backtrack-able only after receiving Shears (Cut)
Majority of moves now have animations
Finalized Pokémon Movesets & Sprites:
(includes all evolutions, pre-evolutions, and alternate forms unless otherwise noted)
Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle
Pidgey Jigglypuff Eevee (not evolutions)
Shroomish Bidoof Cranidos
Bounsweet Sprigatito Fuecoco

Choosing Mudkip as your starter no longer displays Torchic's sprite
Bluk Berry is now properly consumed on use
Large following Pokémon no longer cast reflections at edges of indoor maps
Oran Berry now restores proper amount of HP when used from menu
Fixed bug causing trainers in Brock's Vermilion Gym to instantly challenge the player upon exiting and re-entering Gym
Mt. Moon signpost now displays correctly when entering from Route 4
Fixed collision issue with planters in Vermilion City
Fixed collision issue inside Erika's gym AGAIN
Fixed bug sometimes causing hidden item on Route 22 to have collision

Final Alpha release

Game is playable up through the third Gym
Daisy at her house functions as she does in FR/LG, grooming your Pokémon to make them happier once per day
(Unlocked after defeating the second gym)

The game now remembers the team of the most recent trainer you lost to, preventing them from being randomized on a re-challenge
(unless, of course, you lose to another trainer before facing them again)
Tynamo now evolves at Level 20
Added Nacli/Naclstack/Garganacl and Shroodle/Grafaiai to game
Rebalanced audio

The Gym Guide in Vermilion no longer tells you Surge is up on Cerulean Cape
Fixed issue causing gym trainers in Cerulean to use default trainer music
Erika no longer awards you her badge without battling her (lol whoops)

0.1.3 HOTFIX
Adjusted Pokémon spawns in Viridian Forest

Other cabins on the S.S. Anne are no longer visible at the edges of the map
Fixed game crashing when speaking with Sailor on S.S. Anne
Fixed game crashing when partnered Gym Leader runs out of Pokémon
Fixed collision issue with flowers in Erika's gym
Fixed all Gym trainers being listed as Campers
Removed residual sprites accidentally left in Viridian City
Updated Brendan's sprite during character selection to correct color palette

Game is playable through the S.S. Anne questline
Added Lt. Surge as a potential Gym Leader
Began planned changes to move functionality (moves beginning with A-D done); see complete list below for details
(Individual Pokémon movesets remain unchanged)

Began randomization of item balls (Only on Route 22 and S.S. Anne right now)
Added option to select random starter Pokémon
Erika's backsprite has been updated
Gym Trainers now have unique music riff upon noticing player
Hatenna/Impidimp now evolve at Lv22
(first of many balance changes to evolutions)
Removed hotkey to toggle following Pokémon on/off
(Added option in Options menu instead)
Updated trainer AI
Added Wattrel/Kilowattrel to the game

Fixed trade NPC in Vermilion exiting dialogue early
Limited Mode now allows correct number of Pokémon in Cerulean Gym Leader battle
Fixed oversight causing Gym Leader battles to not display proper background/base after losing to and re-challenging the Leader
Fixed music stuttering when entering Bill's Cottage
Fixed bug causing other events to freeze after Rival battle in Cerulean
Draws against your Rival now send you back to the Pokémon Center after the battle

Game is playable up to boarding the S.S. Anne
Smashing a rock or cutting down a tree now has a small chance to award the player an item, such as a Heart Scale or Honey

Split shallow water, rocky ground, and tall grass into separate encounter methods (will allow water Pokémon to only appear in water tiles within a route, etc.)
(As of right now, no changes have been made to previously-completed maps)
Updated all placeholder NPCs with actual dialogue
(except for the bike rider in Pewter City, because I like him)

Fixed Bugsy having Erika's sprite in Pewter Cave event
Fixed ability to get out of bounds on Route 5
NPC south of Cerulean City now has dialogue
Statues in Erika's Cerulean City gym no longer say Pewter City
Fixed bug that made smashed rocks not disappear from the map

Game is fully playable up through Gym #2
Erika has been added as a potential Gym Leader
Wild Pokémon now have a 1% chance to spawn with their Hidden Ability (if they have one)

Tweaked berry plant yield to make plants require a little less attention
Pared down item list; some species given placeholder evolution items for now
Updated all trainer backsprites to 4th-Gen detail; changed Brendan sprite to Emerald color palette
Adjusted music played during Team Rocket appearances
Pokémon acquired from in-game trades can be nicknamed, will not disobey commands, and will not gain boosted EXP

Cerulean City houses no longer play Pewter City background music
Fixed bug causing guide who randomizes Pewter City gym to also also randomize your Rival's team
Game no longer crashes when loading a save file with a large following Pokémon indoors
(As a side effect, large Pokémon no longer stop following you when indoors)
Fixed trainers in Bugsy's gym not noticing player

Game is now playable until the Rival battle in Cerulean
Hold Items now occupy their own pocket in the bag (this will not affect items you have already been given in a continued save)
Added TM Duplication Stations inside Pokémarts (requires Blank CD)

Gym Leaders now have unique dialogue if you lose to and re-challenge them
Gym Trainers award you more money than their base trainer types
Added Prism Shard item - will be able to convert into evolution stone of player's choice
Adjusted critical hit mechanics to Gen V standards
Oran Berry now restores 1/8 HP (10 HP minimum)
Added new move: Sure Footing (+Speed/+Accuracy) (currently only accessible via Move Tutor)
Rival has unique battle music

The custom female character's icon now displays properly on the Town Map screen
Fixed Falkner sometimes not showing up in Pewter Gym
Old Man in Viridian City no longer calls you "sonny" regardless of gender
Fixed bug making player unable to plant in berry patch outside Berry House
Rival's Eevee is now a set gender in subsequent battles
Fixed following Pokémon sinking into floor of Misty's gym

Enemy trainers now use Pokémon of random genders (instead of always the same gender as the trainer)
Overhauled trainer randomization using Kotaro's Randomized Trainer Teams plugin
Route 3 now accessible

Updated gym battle bases
Removed Swinub/Sandshrew slot from Pewter Cave
Nidoran's Male/Female form is now a gender difference instead of a separate species
Gave Mud Slap an animation (as a test of the editor)

Fixed wrong destination bug when exiting Pokémon League Gate
Escape Rope no longer being sold for $0
Fixed player getting stuck when leaving Viridian Forest
Fixed issue with move routes during Rival battle on Rt.22

Updated from Essentials v18 to v20
First official Alpha release

FULL LIST of Gameplay Changes & Tweaks:

Your choice of any of the canonical 24 starter Pokémon (your Rival starts with an Eevee)
Randomization of every playthrough:
- Wild Pokémon unique to each save file
- Variable trainers and trainer teams
- 18 possible Gym Leaders in each city (one for each type)
- 6 currently available in-game
- Gym Leaders, your Rival, and Giovanni all use one of six possible teams
- Item balls can appear in various locations
- Gift Pokémon (like the Mt. Moon Magikarp) and in-game trades give you one Pokémon from a set list
"Rocky Ground" and "Shallow Water" tiles replace Cave and Surf encounters
Wild Pokémon have a 1% chance to spawn with their hidden ability
Shiny rate increased to 1/400
Riding a bicycle reduces chance of wild Pokémon encounters
Three optional difficulty modifiers:
- Doubles Mode (all trainer battles are double battles)
- Level Cap Mode (caps EXP gain based on the number of badges you've obtained)
- Limited Mode (you are only allowed to use as many Pokémon as the enemy trainer uses)
A large roster of Move Tutors are scattered across the map
You select one of two TMs upon defeating each Gym
TMs are single-use BUT can be duplicated in Pokémarts by using a new "Blank CD" item (many can also be purchased in later Pokémarts as well)
Evolution stones are acquired via a new "Prism Shard" item, which can be turned into any stone of your choice
Overhauled list of berries with a few new effects:
- Oran Berry restores 1/8 max HP (minimum of 10)
- Figy Berry restores 1/3 max HP and automatically confuses the user
- Pomeg Berry increases friendship without lowering any EVs
- Razz Berry cures infatuation
- Pinap Berry restores niche abnormal statuses (same effect as Mental Herb)
- Nanab Berry raises a lowered stat (same effect as White Herb)
- Qualot Berry makes a 2-turn move ready on turn 1 (same effect as Power Herb)
- Bluk Berry makes a not-very-effective move deal 150% damage instead
- Removed all "restores HP but confuses" berries except Figy; removed all "raises friendship and lowers EVs" berries except Pomeg
- Removed all poffin-making berries and other outlier berries
"Rare Berry" sidequest to find 8 unique berries across Kanto (rewards include many hold items)
Hold Items occupy their own pocket in your bag
Enemy trainers use Pokémon of random genders
Pokémon acquired from in-game trades can be nicknamed, will not disobey commands, and will not gain boosted EXP
Almost all Pokémon evolve by either level-up, friendship, or evolution stone, with additional caveats (day/night, male/female, held item)
HMs are replaced with Key Items; obstacles like Cut Trees are permanently removed once dealt with
Smashing a rock has a small chance to award you one of the following items:
- Heart Scale
- Prism Shard
- Stardust/Star Piece
- A random EV item
Cutting down a tree has a small chance to award you one of the following items:
- Honey
- Tiny Mushroom
- A random Mint item
Sidequest to unlock a Fast-Travel system that replaces Fly
Breeding is simplified to Cloning, allowing Pokémon duplication for nature/IV rerolls
- Egg moves are teachable this way, for a price
- Steps needed to hatch eggs have been dramatically reduced
EXP Share functions as a hold item
Critical Hit mechanics use Gen V standards (2x damage instead of 1.5x)
Pokémon Centers include scanners to check which Pokémon appear in surrounding routes
Pokédex gives expanded information, including all learnable moves, abilities, and evolution methods
Expanded UI shows abstracted IV info in summary screen and detailed move info in battle
Notable map changes:
- Expanded Viridian Forest
- New Location: Pewter Cave
- 2F floor added on Mt. Moon
- Now possible to backtrack on Route 4 using Cut
- Route 25 changed to Cerulean Cape, given beach aesthetic
- Underground Path changed to Subway System, now has wild encounters
- Diglett's Cave moved to other end of Route 11
- Removed Route 11 gatehouse

Released - Pokémon: Kanto Reloaded (Now in Open Beta) (2024)
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