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UFC Predictions Explained

There are many different ways you can bet on this weekend’s UFC action, and many different UFC predictions you can make. As with most sports bets, the most popular type of UFC prediction is on the outcome of the fight, also known as the Moneyline. With the Moneyline in UFC, the method of victory is irrelevant and you are simply betting on the winner of the fight. Method Of Victory is also another popular bet type, where you are predicting a fighter to win by a certain method such as KO or submission. Aside from these main two methods, you can also make UFC predictions on the number of rounds a fight will last, and even detailed props such as Significant Strikes landed, Successful Takedowns, or the Fight To go The Distance. Here at Pickswise, our experts are on hand with our bets UFC Predictions ahead of each event. Check out this week’s UFC predictions now!

UFC Predictions Tonight

The UFC is great for having stacked fight cards and come fight night, sports bettors will be looking for the best UFC Predictions tonight. Here at Pickswise, that’s exactly what we provide. With our industry-leading UFC handicappers running through the entire fight cards including the Early Prelims, Prelims, and the Main Card, our fight previews and predictions come with full analysis and detailed stats and trends about the upcoming fight. Our level of expertise allows us to make the best UFC predictions on the fights that might not make the headlines as well as the biggest fights in the sport. Researching all of these fights is a time-consuming task, we research the fights so you don’t have to. Check out our UFC predictions tonight, right here on the UFC predictions page.

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UFC Fight Night Predictions

UFC Fight Night events are typically once-monthly events and are often headlined by the UFC stars of the future, rather than the current household names. This is where our experts thrive. With these smaller events and lesser-known fighters, we can get an edge over the sportsbooks and capitalize on the odds they offer. Our UFC handicappers live and breathe all things UFC and having an understanding of the fighters on these smaller cards can give our UFC Fight Night Predictions the edge. Our handicappers will preview all of the top UFC Fight Night action providing insight, analysis, and key stats alongside all of our UFC Night Predictions.

UFC Prelims Predictions

Our UFC Prelims Predictions are where you can find some of the biggest hidden gems. With all the eyes and lights on the headline shows, the preliminary fights tend to be contested by the up-and-coming fighters, the next stars of the UFC, and, to the casual UFC fan, most of these will be names they aren’t overly familiar with. Here at Pickswise, we specialize in all things UFC and this helps us get the edge with our UFC Prelims Predictions. Our Prelims predictions are exactly the same as our Main Card predictions and come with full analysis including all of the key fight stats and trends. Check back each week for aloof our UFC predictions including those UFC prelim predictions to start the night off on the right foot.

When Are Your UFC Fight Predictions Posted

Our UFC predictions are typically posted on the day before the fight, following the weigh-in and final press conferences. By waiting until this point, we can maximize the information we can obtain leading up to a fight. One of the great things about the UFC is the access which it grants the media, with plenty of press during fight week and access to the weigh-in, we can find clues as to the shape of the fighters and the type of camp they’ve had. While the fighters won’t give away too much, eluding to a tricky prep or looking slim on the scales could be enough of a factor when making a UFC fight prediction. All of this will be in our full fight preview and analysis, along with key stats such as punch data and takedown success, so check out this weekend’s UFC fight predictions now.

How To Predict UFC Fights

There are so many ways to try and predict a UFC fight and each handicapper will have their own method. Unlike boxing for example, where you will have huge favorites, at times in excess of -5000, the UFC is a much more volatile sport, and upsets do happen. Styles make fights a phrase used amongst the UFC community and it rings true in betting as well. You need to figure out what each fighters’ strengths and weaknesses are, what style of fighter they are, and figure out who they give the advantage to. Take a look at a great wrestler and grappler such as Daniel Cormier, who is used to mauling opponents, but when facing Jon Jones, who has a great takedown defense, DC’s biggest weapon was negated and Jones is always favored in that spot if the fight stays on the feet. While it’s not quite that simple in predicting a UFC fight, it’s a good starting point. Our expert handicappers will combine this with hours of film study, crunching advanced stats metrics, watching the press conferences and weigh-ins, and more to build a complete picture of the fight before making a prediction. All of this can be found in our fight preview alongside our prediction, so check out this week’s UFC predictions now.

UFC Predictions - UFC Fight Night Predictions Tonight | Pickswise (2024)
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