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Gas Chlorinator  

Floor Mounted Chlorinator
Floor and Wall Mounted Models

Industrial Devices' Chlorinator is cabinet mounted vacuum operated, solution feed type. It is designed for floor mounting or wall mounting and incorporates a filter, flush mounted chlorine pressure gauge, a reliable vacuum regulator, and an accurate flow-meter, a precise flow control valve, and effective differential regulator, an injector, and a positive non-return valve. All the components are mounted in a two-tone, gel coated attractive fiber glass cabinet.
The vacuum regulator is of an exclusive design, which opens only when the vacuum is generated by the injector. On failure of water to the injector the vacuum regulator closes automatically. D P Regulators are provided only in Capacities of 10 kgs/hr and above.
The material of construction of the various components of the Chlorinators are highly resistant to chlorine, like PVC, HDPE, Teflon (PTFE), Monel, Silver, Carbon steel and fiber glass.
The simple yet advanced design of the various components reduce the maintenance to a bare minimum. All the components are easily accessible from the rear of the cabinet for periodic Inspection and Maintenance.
The Chlorinator is pre-assembled and is fully tested under simulated operating condition. This saves time and money during installation and helps towards a smooth start-up

Wall Mounted Chlorinator
Operating Principle

Water passes through the injector to produce vacuum. This vacuum opens the check valve and passes through the differential regulator and extends up to the vacuum regulator.
The chlorine gas under pressure from the container passes through a filter, where ferric chloride impurities are removed. The chlorine gas under pressure is converted into a constant vacuum at the vacuum regulator. The gas under vacuum passes through the flow meter, flow control valve and differential regulator before getting mixed with the water in the injector where it forms a chlorine solution. The chlorine solution is then discharged at the dozing point.

Cylinder or Tonner Mounted Models

These Chlorinators are sturdy and easy to operate and maintain. The Chlorinator can be mounted on a 65/100 kg cylinder or on a 1000 kg tonner. The mounting arrangements are different for cylinders and tonners. The injector and check valve assembly will be mounted separately near the dozing point. The interconnecting flexible pre tube is supplied as per requirements.


Cylinder Mounted Chlorinator

Product Range and Capacities
Products Range Capacities
Cylinder Mounted Chlorinator,1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10 kgs/hr
Wall Mounted Chlorinator,1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10 kgs/hr
Floor Mounted Chlorinator 0.25kg/hr to 200kgs/hr